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May 10, 2012

Education Always for Everyone

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The following is a poem that my daughter wrote in her Language Arts class.  I had no part in the writing of it, and didn’t even know about it until just now when I was going through her weekly folder.

Education Always for Everyone

By “Elizabeth”

Together we learn

Forever in our brain

We all can be different

in many ways

Smart we will be

Without it it’s hard

We learn differently

Together we will be

Open the gates to education


She gets it.  She really, really gets it.

Listen to the things she’s saying:

  • We can all be different in many ways– Respect for others and appreciating differences
  • Forever in our brains– Importance of education and the impact that it has on our minds and our way of understanding
  • Open the gates to education- It is critical that we make good education available for all, for everyone, especially those who need it most
  • Smart we will be/… Together we will be.  We learn best from others and from others who are different than we are.

She IS the daughter of a special educator, and has dealt with issues of differences herself and with her brother, but even she knows that our educational system needs help.  I’m so proud and touched and humbled at the understanding of my child- of all children.  As I wipe away the tears, I am reminded of why I do what I do- and I know that she too, will make a difference.

Education Always for Everyone

Mama’s note: Please keep in mind that she’s in 5th grade and has high functioning autism- Language is not her natural element.  Maya Angelou- maybe not.  But Maria Montessori– your legacy lives on…

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  1. As a former fifth grade teacher I can truly say that is an amazing poem- and I am sure it is inspired by her amazing mom too!

    Comment by autismmommytherapist — May 15, 2012 @ 9:45 am | Reply

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