Teacher Professor

October 5, 2010

Science Vocabulary in Action

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Scene: This morning- 6:30am.  Early.  Earlier than ususal for a wake-up call because Daddy is out of town and Mother has to get to work early to teach an 8am class.  Elizabeth’s bedroom.  Bed all pulled to pieces, covers everywhere and slightly twirled.  Indicating that she was wrapping herself up in the covers like a mummy and spinning all over her bed as she slept.  (We don’t even bother with top sheets anymore.  It’s too hard to put back together.  Just a comforter or two.) Two pillows- one at the foot, one at the head of the bed.  No view of a child visible.

Mother enters, turns on light.  Looks towards bed.

Mother- slight note of alarm in voice: Elizabeth?  Are you there?  I can’t even see you…

Elizabeth- faintly, from under the covers: I’m camouflaging.



Yes, yes she is.  In so many ways.    Trying to fit into fourth grade, but still expressing her anxiety about it as she slept.  Words are easier to find when there is no pressure.  My son is the one who is normally master of the quip, the quick come-back as he tries to sleep in just a few more minutes.  But for her to find that word, her science vocabulary word, at a point where she could make a joke- I find hilarious in so many ways.

I’ve had a smile on my face all morning.  Both at the humor of my girl, and at how far she’s come.

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