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September 27, 2010

Don Draper at 8 Years Old

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Ray has started his own blog (for family and teacher viewing) and I am absolutely fascinated with the workings of his mind.  I have to say that I am blown away…

First, an explanation- He did this- all of this, with  the exception of the period, the space between and the capital at “…Ray.  Leave…” completely by himself- the typing, the words, the concept.  He was working on a project for the Fall Festival and I suggested that he write up his ideas in his blog.  This is what he did….

I am doing a poster on “Fall Festival” and I got the idea of doing a motto . My motto is fresh, new, interesting here it is.

 Come happy.  Leave scared.

My motto for me is.

Talk to Ray. Leave with ideas.


I’m seeing a marketing genius- or at least a really good con man!  I’m also amused at how my own blogging has inspired him to reach out as well.  This is a boy who has loved words since he was born- would listen to their rhythm, their sounds, their feeling in his mouth.  I watched him like a hawk during his first two years to see if autism was going to strike him also.  It didn’t- not quite the same way.  Sensitivities?  Oh yes.  Irritation?  Oh my, yes.  Anxiety and shutting down- ohhhh, yes.  Language?  Language was never a problem for him- It’s not so much the words he uses, as the way he uses them.

To tell you about his love of words, I love to share the story of when he learned the “F” word when he was six.  One day on a field trip, a very helpful little boy taught him all of the words- all of them.  All of the George Carlin list-ok, not ALL of them…  When he got in the car, he checked his new knowledge with me.  “Mommy, is Sh#$ the ‘S word’?” 

“Yes, yes it is.  It is not to be used in our household.”

“Is da$# the “D word’?

“Yes, yes it is.  It is not to be used in our household.”

“Mommy, is F#*k the ‘F word’?”

“Yes, yes it is.  It is not to be used in our household.”

And he sat in the back of the car, rolling the word around in his mouth.  *F*^#k… FU#$… F&^K.  Trying an emphasis on each letter.

Finally, with significant disappointment, “Huh.  I thought that it would be longer”. 

I love that story… and how he wanted such an important, forbidden word to have that weight, that gravitas behind it, and how such an explosive, four-letter was almost… boring.

After all- why use a little word, when a big word will do?  Why not have a bunch of words?  Why not have a motto for himself?  And so, Ray- I leave with ideas. 

And, by the way, in typical kid/old fogey interaction, he taught ME how to change the color on the font.  See? 

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