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August 6, 2010

The Universe Speaks

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Sometimes, the Universe whispers to you… little hints of “perhaps you should do this“…

Sometimes, you have no idea what the Universe is saying…..?…… nope.  Nothing.

And sometimes, sometimes, the Universe SHRIEKS at you to get you to pay attention.

Yesterday?  Definitely a “Universe shrieking” day.

I already blogged about the possible break-in we learned about in the morning.  Enough of a possibility to remind us to lock the doors and pull the curtains when we’re leaving.  Just enough to inform the lawn maintenance company.   Just a warning…

Later that morning, we took Bailey to the vet’s.  We’re doing doctor appointments before school starts, and the vet’s was a regularly scheduled yearly appointment.  Bailey is in great shape- 50 pounds, shots up to date, but… the vet found a terrible, terrible ear infection that hadn’t burst her ear drum yet, but could.   Her ear was dripping black goo.  Not a real problem.  Antibiotics should clear it right up.   Just a warning…

That afternoon, we took the car into the dealer to look at it after we hit an enormous pothole in Indiana while visiting Jack on our drive home.  The car had been a little wobbly on the drive back.  Turns out the wheel itself was bent and the belt inside the tire coming off.  We could have ended up splatted all over the highway with a blown tire.  But we weren’t.  Just a warning.  More money we don’t have on the credit card, but a warning…

After we got home in my husband’s car, and I was on the phone dealing with the repair shop and informing my husband, the young woman from the pest company came back to see if she could find the wasps’ nest I asked them to come and find.  Monday, Ray and his friend Andrew, came in complaining of wasps around our back gate.  In true hero fashion, Ray then dressed up in a raincoat and rain boots in the 100 degree weather and offered to go out and kill the wasps with my Lysol spray.  I informed him that no, we would call the pest company to come and get them. 

So, this young woman, all of 23 maybe, showed up in her polo shirt and shorts to get my wasps.  I directed her to the back area and went back to the telephone and dealing with the car.  She knocked on my door again, and said “I found the nest.  It was in the gate door.  Found it when I opened the gate and they swarmed out and bit me.”  I’m standing there in my doorway, blinking at this lovely young woman who has just quite cheerfully informed me that she’s got 8 wasp stings, but not to worry- she’s got the nest.  And a great big one it was, too!  Ray is keeping it as a trophy once it dries from its chemical soaking. 

I then brought her inside, gave her a bowlful of baking soda and water paste and sent her to my bathroom to take care of her stings.  She comes out, says “Some days, I hate my job.  Thanks for your help, but this isn’t bad.  Just glad it wasn’t the children!”  and leaves.  She really was still perky in her tone.  I thanked her profusely, and gathered up the children. 

All warnings.  No one was hurt.  The house is fine.  The car will be fine.  No one (except for the pest control woman who probably should have borrowed Ray’s raincoat) got stung.  Even the dog is fine. 

But clearly, the universe is telling us to BE SAFE! 

We’re listening…


  1. The universe isn’t the only “one” at work. Peter and I pray for your family every day to our Father in heaven — God the Father of our Savior Jesus Christ — in Jesus’ name as the Scriptures instruct us; and we pray for God’s grace and protection in your family, and most of all that He will make His presence known to each of you in ways that will demonstrate His gracious and intimate love for you. Now we know that He is hearing our prayers. And you know that He IS there and that He loves you in ways beyond your imagination! Praise God!

    Comment by Claire Goldrick Hughes — August 8, 2010 @ 4:52 pm | Reply

    • Not to worry- we are well aware of a Higher Power in our lives! 🙂

      Comment by profmother — August 8, 2010 @ 8:24 pm | Reply

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