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June 16, 2010

Sun/Son Storms

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Scientists are telling us that solar storms are a’brewing.  Every 11 years or so, the sun goes into a phase where it sends out electronic bursts of energy with solar flares that can reach out in very dramatic ways, which means that the “quiet phase” of the sun is at the halfway point of the cycle- at about 5.5 years after the last outbreak.  And the last time we had a solar surge…?  6 years ago.  Which means that we’ve been in a quiet phase for 6 years and the sun should be just about to break out in sun spots, solar jetstreams, and even increased sound waves. Listen- can you hear the “screaming” of the sun?  But the sun shows no signs of imminently breaking out.  Which has scientists in a tizzy about their forecasting abilities

While we don’t necessarily have to worry about being fried with sunburn, we do have to worry about the electromagnetic bursts interrupting our satellite systems.  The satellite systems control our cell phones, our television, our computers.  In other words, a little bit of turmoil is going to seriously impact communications, especially given the tremendous growth in wireless and digital technology over the last six years.  And right before those storms break out?  Researchers have found that, in the form of shifting magnetic fields, “there is some sort of triggering mechanism that appears before the onset of activity”. 

Triggers?  Decreased communication?  Periods of quiet followed by storms, including screaming?  Sound familiar?  I only wish that autism and bipolar disorder and Tourette’s Syndrome could be forecasted with such information.  But as parents, aren’t we really pretty good at doing our own forecasts?  Change in routine? Storm system moving in! Lack of parental/friend/teacher understanding or confusion?  Communication disruption!  Low pressure weather system coming in?   Waves of negative energy!  Change in eating habits/physical growth/health?  Irritability!  Times when I can almost see the neurological shorts and brain storms happening.

There are lulls, too.  Periods in which we’re all holding our breath, waiting for the storm, but… nothing.  Times when my child is coherent and funny and insightful.  Times when I can almost see the neurological connections being made.  Times when we’re in a quiet place. 

Using the “Worlds within worlds” concept- perhaps it’s not so farfetched that what is happening on a cosmic scale parallels what happens inside our heads.  Perhaps autism and tourette’s and bipolar research could look at solar research and see some similarities…

The sun has rhythms- rhythms that serious impact our lives, our communications, our weather.  My son does, too.*  And we’re all in a tizzy trying to understand them and forecast them. 

*So does my daughter, but our language just doesn’t let me use that play on words…

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  1. Excerpt from the book on Dancing WuLi Masters-

    “At the subatomic level there is no longer a clear distinction between what is and what happens between the actor and the action. At the subatomic level the dancer and the dance are one.”

    Comment by Crone — June 16, 2010 @ 1:03 pm | Reply

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