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June 13, 2010

Day of Rest

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Rarely in our crazy lives, do we ever get a day as perfectly paced as this Sunday.  Saturday was extended Birthday Party celebration- two friends slept over, I made pancakes AND scrambled eggs, they played on the Slip and Slide AND we went to the pool for hours where we all got sunburned AND we watched rented movies.  Saturday was a bit much.

Sunday… Sunday though was one of those golden days.  We all slept hard and solid.  No middle of the night anxiety attacks.  No going to bed late and lying there awake.  James and I slept until 9:30, Elizabeth until 10:00 and Ray until 11:00.  All of us woke up rested.  Not overly tired, not frantic about the day ahead, not groggy- rested.  We woke up clear-eyed and on top of things.  We cleaned the house- no drama, just a clean house.  Everything got washed.  Meals got prepared, eaten and washed up.  I made chicken fajitas for dinner and it was ready on time.  Elizabeth and Ray played with Emily a little, watched tv a little, played with their stuff for a little.  I read a little, graded a little, watched “Valentine’s Day” as I put laundry away.  James watched a little soccer, organized a little, and played fantasy soccer for the World Cup a little.  I got vaguely annoyed at the “tweees” from the World Cup screeching in the house today, but not really.  It was crazy hot and rained a little.  Bailey the dog was socialable, but not annoying.  We’re ready for tomorrow.  We finished what we started.

There was no autism, no Tourette’s, no stress, no drama, no sense of dread, no hunger, no scenes.

I’ve heard of days like this…  fantasized about days like this… haven’t had one of these in, oh, no immdiate memory… A day of rest.

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