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May 29, 2010

In Memorial

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I remember…

  • My Daddy- one of the most gentle souls I have ever to meet, who loved Stevie Ray Vaughn, the softness of bunny rabbits, and was one of the only people to support my change in careers from business to education.  Died of alcohol-related complications, December, 2000
  • Joshua- My brother- brilliant, funny and my “twin” in appearance, even though we only shared a father.  Died of bipolar disorder, February, 2001
  • Raymond Lynch- My father-in-law- warm, loving with a passion for architecture- Died of smoking-related heart complications, September, 1989
  • Stew- My great-aunt- raised my mother when her own parents would not, who taught my mother how to love- died of wonderful old age at 98, 2007
  • Yiayia Maria- My husband’s aunt- who provided a rock of humor and fun for him when he was being dragged around the world- Died of a blood clot, December, 2005
  • Scott Hubbard- who learned how to fly a plane at age 16 and flew me to Oklahoma City to visit a friend, who crossed the high school graduation stage, bald and frail.  Died of leukemia, June, 1985
  • JayMcHugh- who loved Angus Young and rock and roll and football.  Died of a drug overdose, 1985
  • Virgie Crespin- who taught me how to make tortillas and the real meaning of “mi hijo”, who presided over her large family with humor and a good rap of a spoon.  Died of heart disease, 1999.
  • Mrs. Coursey- one of the quietest women I’ve met who raised spectacular irises and whose leaving left silence bigger than you can imagine.  Died of cancer within weeks of diagnosis, 1994.
  • Mr. Franz- who fought racism and classism and taught his daughter to dream.  Died of Alzheimer-type issues.  2007.

I know that Memorial Day is a time of honoring the soldiers who have fought for our country- and I do so, because I know the grief that their friends and families faced.  There are many, many different battles lost, and many, many families trying to support their loved ones in their fights.

To you.

On a bench in an Irish graveyard

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  1. you made me cry

    Comment by Wendy M. — May 30, 2010 @ 11:02 pm | Reply

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