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April 15, 2010

Calvin and Susie- Starring Ray and Elizabeth

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I’ve just figured out the current characteristics of Ray and Elizabeth…

Elizabeth is Susie Derkins, Calvin’s arch-nemesis and female foil, without the romantic feelings that Calvin has for Susie, but certainly the latent affection.  She’s a perfectionist, very quiet, and the person who plays with him and then winds him up. She prides herself on having the answers, and on being the “good” girl.   She tattles on Calvin on a regular basis.  Yup- That’s Elizabeth- all of the above- plus, in her defense,  a whole lot more.  But this is how she can look next to Ray…

Ray is Calvin- bright, imaginative, more than slightly off-kilter, struggles with school and very active, with lots of imagination and ideas. Given our recent challenges with THE test

Is it any wonder that Ray owns all of the books from the Calvin and Hobbes strips and reads himself to sleep every night with this?  He’s recognizing himself… Last night, he was laughing at a strip and said “Look Mommy- he’s got Tourette’s too!” at one of Calvin’s hilarious faces.  Bibliotherapy in action.

What is sortof amusing is that I have used Calvin and Hobbes as teaching tools to explain twice-exceptional children to teachers for years… to understand how they have their own world, how they’re very insightful, how they struggle.  I’ve seen Calvin and Hobbes used by folks to understand autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, giftedness, and even bipolar disorder. 

I never quite imagined that my son would be using it for the same reason.

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