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April 12, 2010

Red Geraniums

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Is there anything more lovely than a red geranium for cheerfulness?  After a week fighting a terrible head cold (that James has now), and two major presentations, I was in the mood to do Nothing this weekend.   I wanted to sleep all weekend long.  But the sun was shining, there was no humidity and it was in the low 70’s.  Perfect, in other words.  I felt the need to dig. 

So, the children and I went down to this lovely garden place down the road from our house.  I love the folksiness of “Joe’s”.  “Just call me ‘Joe'” is in a lot right next to a convenience store, and has a lot of shelves and hangers  with many different rows and sections.  It’s very picturesque, shadowed under the live oak trees and the Spanish moss hanging right above your heads.  It looks very professional, other than the lack of any real building.  He only takes cash and checks.  He sells Christmas trees during December, lillies for Easter, and vegetables at other times.  It’s really interesting to watch the seasons pass by what Joe offers.  This weekend, he had geraniums and petunias and other annuals. 

So, we went shopping.  The Easter Bunny brought small planters for the children, so Ray picked out a red begonia, Elizabeth picked out a pale pink impatiens, and I got bright coral-colored geraniums. 

We got dirt up under our fingernails, got to dig out the watering can, and got to focus on making things live. 

Not exactly Nothing, but well worth it- and a whole lot better than worrying about the test… that happens on Monday.  Monday and Thursday and Friday.  A test that was discussed briefly and then set aside as the joy that comes from planting things overcame all anxiety.

I fully believe in the power of red geraniums to combat almost any stress.

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