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April 7, 2010

Book Signing with Friends

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I just have to share how much FUN the book signing was in Louisville!  A bunch of my old students, who are now grown-up teachers, came and brought some other teacher friends of theirs.  I felt a little like a rock star, a little like an old lady teacher and a lot like someone who knows why I went into education- teachers make the nicest friends!

I also met a couple who were grandparents of a child with autism and they were full of questions- really interesting questions.  I was amused when I realized that the man and I had taught together at Bellarmine University! I was touched when I realized they were “professor-grandparents”- interpreting with a similar process that I used when I was going through the diagnosis and treatment with Elizabeth, but the emotions and passion of grandparents.  It was nice to recognize each other- and not just through work.  We recognized the “oughtism” that happens when you realize something and think “I’m a teacher.  I OUGHT to have known/been able to find/realized/learned… ____”.  They are very different- teaching and parenting- and grandparenting.  We’re all searching- and all finding our own way.  I realized early on that being a professor of teachers didn’t “help” me at all as a parent (although, interestingly enough, being a parent DOES help me in teaching)- but it did help me interpret the language of what I found out.  It was nice to meet another searcher who also understood the language, but not the path.

And best of all, the Summit Barnes and Noble was doing a fundraiser that night for a preschool that specialized in serving children with autism.  It was the night of April 1- the Light it Up Blue night when the tower in Miami, Toronto’s CN Tower and the Empire State Building were all lit up in blue.  I wore my blue shirt and skirt and celebrated the fight for awareness with my friends.

Quite a moment of awareness….

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