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March 31, 2010

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…

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Late afternoon- I needed to start thinking about making dinner and we were out of clean dishes.  No pots or pans to be found.  All of them were in the sink from last night.

So, I started by cleaning the dishes.  Placed them in the dishwasher.  Put the dishwasher detergent in.  Hmmm.  Can’t start the dishwasher yet.  One more bowl left.

The bowl of left-over dry Cheerios that were this morning’s snack.  They needed to be thrown away.

But the garbage can was full, so I went to the cabinet for a trash bag.  I emptied the trash and got grossed out at the scum at the bottom of the can.

And to clean the scum, I needed some paper towels, but there weren’t any in the rack on the counter.  So, I went to the garage to get a new paper towel roll.

While I was in the garage, I straightened up the bikes that had fallen over so that James could park in the garage this evening.  Then, I went back inside to put the paper towels on the rack.

While I was putting the paper towels up, I noticed that the phone was off the hook and sitting on the counter.  So, I went to the office to hang it back up.

I noticed my son’s prescription on the computer keyboard (how did that get there?) and picked it up to move it to my purse to fill tomorrow.

When I opened my wallet to put the script in, I saw my checkbook, and realized that I needed to fill out the reservation for my high school reunion, which is due tomorrow.  Back to the computer.

Form filled out, and envelopes stuffed.  Back to my purse for stamps.  Stamps reminded me of sticky things and the scummy trash can still sitting in my kitchen.  Back to the kitchen.

Trash can cleaned and put away next to washing machine.  The quiet washing machine.  No laundry hamper.  Clothes in dryer piled on top of dryer.  Laundry placed in dryer.

Back to the bedroom to get the clothes hamper.  Dog chewing on green flip flop- not destroyed yet, but damaged.  Remove shoe from dog’s mouth, realize that dog got to shoe because they had been left next to my bed.

Took shoe back to closet to put away.  Pile of dirty clothes sitting in the closet that needs to be washed.  Child walking out of the bathroom, “I’m hungry, Mommy. When’s dinner?”  Tossed shoe in closet.  Back to kitchen, where the bowl of half-eaten Cheerios was still sitting, waiting to be thrown away.

“How about some Cheerios, kids?”  Dinner’s going to be a little late…

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  1. Brett walked in the room and asked what I was doing. I responded, “Reading a blog about my life.” I can totally relate. Great seeing you the other day!

    Comment by Tara Long — April 3, 2010 @ 8:49 pm | Reply

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