Teacher Professor

March 4, 2010

No Boundaries

Filed under: Autism — Teacher Professor @ 6:49 pm

Elizabeth is sleeping on the floor these days.  It’s not something that I’m concerned about, since she’s sleeping just fine through the night, but it look uncomfortable.  She drags her blankets down on the floor and makes a thin pallet with more blankets on top of her.  Not a lot of cushion, not a lot of coziness. Typically, when Elizabeth sleeps, she spins in circles throughout the night.  She is absolutely awful to share a bed with because she invariably ends up sideways and then upside down in the bed.  I have noticed that she is sleeping less wildly and more “mummified”, wrapped up in her blankets.

I asked her last night, “Why?”

“Because I won’t fall off,” she said.

Sweet little girl- Finally anchored on the sea of the floor.


  1. Interesting. Aaron slept in the crack between the mattress and his wall for years. We would make jokes about him being “on crack.” Right now his bed isn’t next to the wall, but he sleeps with a LOT of blankets piled on him and when I happen to see him in the morning before the alarm goes off, he often also has pillows over his head. What is up with that, eh? BTW, he’ll be 16 this Saturday!

    Comment by Laura — March 11, 2010 @ 8:17 pm | Reply

  2. I’ve learned that everyone has certain stimuli that they enjoy. I love soft things and most people love the feeling of flannel sheets. He probably just loves feeling surrounded. James sleeps with pillows over his head, which worries me, but I figure he’s made it this far! As for me, I CANNOT have anything covering my head or neck- drives me nuts. So, my side of the bed has covers pushed down, and his side has them pulled up around his ears. It’s funny, isn’t it, how these things are just so much of who we are!

    And oh wow- 16! Sweet Sixteen… Amazing…

    Comment by profmother — March 11, 2010 @ 9:47 pm | Reply

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