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February 27, 2010

Faster than a Speeding Mullet

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My family just participated in the Super Dolphin Race- a race put on by the two elementary schools on the island to raise money for their PTAs- and we had a BALL!

We almost didn’t go.  With the sickness floating around the house, first Ray and then James to a smaller extent, I decided to let everyone sleep and if folks woke up in time for the race, then they were strong enough to run in it.  At 7:30am when two little voices were waking me up, I wanted to reconsider.  I truly wanted to reconsider when it was gray and coooold- in the 40s.  But we were committed and off we went…

My daughter was NOT going to go- did not want to do it, and was not interested.  She is very athletic and enjoys skill sports like swimming and tennis.  Something as “boring” as running does not excite her.  Plus, she has no stamina.  However, all of her friends were, and we were going, so she signed up for the smallest race possible- the 1 mile Fun Run which gives everyone a ribbon and no trophies.  Her race was first, so off she went!  She got her ribbon afterwards and was proud of herself.

Then- the drama when she realized that she was going to be waiting at the library ALL BY HERSELF with some of the other parents because her friends were running… oh the drama!  Tears, sighs.  Finally, even though she didn’t have a number or a computer chip to give her an official time, she joined us in the 5K crowd.

Ray was impatient at the front of the line- 450 people behind him.  He was jiggling, impatient to be off… and started running his heart out when the race started.  He was in front of the Marine Military Police who were running in formation.  It was very exciting because they were singing as they ran in formation, carrying the flag in front of them.  I do love watching gorgeous men exercise…  He left us early, watched over by friends who are much better shape that we are.  We passed him after he had turned around on the course and he was hanging in there, running to the rhythm of the cadence.

And he came in THIRD in his age division!  We had had lots of conversation about how because he was sick, he might not get a medal since he couldn’t give it his all, and since they didn’t give certificates to all of the runners, we were all going to do it just to do it.  For the joy of doing it.  And here he goes and gets a medal!  It’s his first medal that he’s earned, rather than just getting by playing, so he is terribly proud of it- as is his proud mama!

And Elizabeth ran ahead of us when she saw that we were going slowly and finished in 6th for her age bracket- no medal, but she kept going the whole way, which after running the mile means that she ran all morning long.  We fussed over her too for her endurance!  Proud mama again!

And James and me?  I’ll have you know that we BEAT those grandparents who were pushing the twins in a stroller!  In other words, we were almost dead last since we walked the whole way- at a good clip, but still walked.  Ah well- I was in it to finish it and enjoy it.  And bless their hearts, the race people still cheered us when we crossed the finish line, having just passed two teenage girls who were FAR too cool to (ewww) sweat.  But James and I talked and chatted and enjoyed the beauty of the ocean on a gray day and really looked at an area we often drive through.  We oohed over some houses, shook our heads at others (seriously?  a planter shaped like a pelican? That’s just rude to pelicans everywhere), and enjoyed being outside without having to worry about the children.

We met the children at the library, ate at Subway, and napped all afternoon after I took a HOT shower to get rid of the chill that I got.  And Ray fell apart at dinner- completely apart and then cried when he was telling me that he couldn’t help it. But overall, a lovely day!

And I feel like Rocky…

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