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February 1, 2010

Velvet and foam

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I helped my children “nest” this weekend and it was a very interesting process.  My son was out of town visiting his grandmother with my husband, but we had his room painted while he was gone.  It had been turquoise when we moved in, which I was informed was a “girl color”.  Now, it is a lovely “sporty blue” and is really lovely! 

Their godparents and a friend gave the children gift certificates for Target for Christmas, and Ray decided to spend his on a foam mattress topper because a good friend of ours has one and he LOVES her bed.  So, he has a blue room with the same old blue comforter, but a very comfy bed. 

Elizabeth, in contrast, fulfilled a fantasy of hers.  She has been saving her money in addition to the gift certificates, and she bought a pink satin comforter with a velvet border with “diamonds” on the counterpane, a pink tulle bed skirt, a lamp with a pink shade and a feathery thing around the bottom of the shade (pink of course) and pink and purple beads for her door.  She is in heaven!  Heck, I wanted to dress my room up, too… for just a second.  I was worried that it would be too “young” compared to her friends, but “Emily” liked it and has the same lamp, so all is well.  I was also reassured that because we didn’t get the pillow that had the crown on it, it wasn’t “too princessy”.  All I know is that she is fulfilling her dream of what her room should look like that she  has had since she was four years old.  When we made her bed, she sighed and said “Mommy, it’s what I’ve always wanted”.  I just loved the feeling of watching her have a long-held dream fulfilled.  Delayed gratification can be so sweet… What I was amused at is how similar the two rooms are- both are very plain- not a lot of contrasting, exciting colors, and both are very “sensual” with good-feeling things. 

And she did, indeed, sleep like a princess.

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