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January 20, 2010

Being the Subject

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There is a study going on at 12 universities and medical sites around the country studying the genetics of autism. The Simons Simplex Collection (click here) is looking at individuals with ASD and their families from a genetic/biological view.  Emory University in Atlanta is one of the sites and I just got an email that is asking for volunteers. 

“Autism Center is now working on the Simons Simplex Research Project that is one of the 13 sites in the nation (and the largest genetic research project in the whole country) that is trying to figure out the cause of autism.  But the project is desperate need of families to participate. Can you send this brochure out (along with my message) to everyone in the state that you have contact with?  There is some criteria that families have to meet in order to participate and they are:
•One child (age 4-17) with a KNOWN diagnosis of an ASD
•Child with ASD does NOT have another known genetic condition
•Both biological parents are available to participate
•At least one sibling (age 4 and above) is available to participate.  An exception can be made for families with no siblings or siblings who are too young to participate.
•No other children in the family or extending family members have an ASD
•All participating family members must be willing to give a blood sample
it will mean a two-visit time frame to come to Atlanta to do the evaluation.  They will need to have blood drawn, but the project has tremendous phlebotomists that are gifted in drawing blood from children with this disorder. I know that this part can be scary, but to do genetics work-ups, it is necessary and so very important.
The Families will get from this:
1.  A free, NO COST comprehensive evaluation for diagnostics, cognition and adaptive behavior levels
2.  A research summary report listing results of all  the testing and recommended interventions
3.  The knowledge that they are playing an incredible part in trying to figure out what is going on with this disorder.
This is truly a very worthy cause for our families to participate it.  With the numbers as high as they are, we just have to have families determined to help researchers find the answers. Researchers can’t do it without the families help.  So please, send this brochure out to any and everyone that you can.  I do so appreciate it!  The number for families to call is:
(404)304-0513 or email Tracy Cermak at tcermak@emory.edu
And thank you for your assistance!!

The other sites are: Children’s Hospital of Boston, Vanderbilt University, Baylor College of Medicine, UCLA, Yale, Columbia, McGill, Universities of Washington, Missouri, Illinois, and Michigan

I’m Atlanta- bound!  If you have, of know of a child with autism who fits this description, please participate.  This is so important!

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